Diese beiden Menues hat Henk Beentje auf dem Edinburgh Gathering 2000 vorgestellt.
Sie waren Teil seines unvergeßlichen Vortrags über Flora und Fauna in den Lymond Chronicles.



cooked cabbage for breakfast
with millet bread and pomade (apples)
(CM 480)


outpacked lunch
pork and mustard in their gloves
(QP 106)


a bag three spans long with millet flour
and up to eight pounds of powdered pork
along with a bag of salt mixed with pepper
(RC 89, food for 1-2 months)

a basket with three flasks of wine
a packet of sugar
some cloves, some pepper, some nutmeg
and a silk purse with ten pounds in it in double ducats
(CM 264)

for afters

blackberry pie, and a knife to cut it with


while circulating


offer them raspberry wine and keep them talking till mother comes in
(PiF 68)

maybe some Tomourra caviare
(PiF 431)


grilled swordfish in vine leaves
(PiF 477)

the guests are seated

first course

the simple

good soup and mutton stew, comme à Auaizace
(Hough Isa's, DK 34)


cock-a-leekie soup à la Sim
(GoK 57)

second course

the elaborate

fish wafers and coloured jellies,
egg custard and stamped oranges with honey
and cypress root à l'Onophrion
(PiF 244)

with juice of Bokhara apricots,
and syrups of red-hearted peaches
served cradled in snow
(DK 198)

third course

the gluttonous

ox tongues swilled down with Bordeaux
(Thompson's meal at Dumbarton, DK 399)


the exotic

palm hearts, Tartessian lampreys, fried figs, clove,
capon, almond, cinnamon, pears
(PIF, 334)


the soothing

a morsel of fowl's liver with ginger
or pressed meats with almond milk
(little treats for the pregnant Joleta, DK 543)

vegetarian option

two flounders, a pike, a cod, a quart of claret and a quince pie
(Sir Wat, sick to the tune of ... GoK, 176)

mulled wine with mace and ginger
(QP 183)


spiced claret with honey
(RC 189)


the gluttonous

date flan
(the antique triumph CM 233)

the wholefood

apples, cherries, strawberries, warden pears
(Mungo Tennent's dinner, GoK 3)

coffee kahveh
smelling of burnt nuts, and pepper and toffee,
and tasted quite awful
(PiF 49)


berozevites, birch-root drink
(RC 57)

with confectionery

primrose cakes (honey, almonds, saffron, primroses)
baked crabs, anchovies, candied ginger
(FCL's dinner for the Queen, CM 331)


(the Reverse of the Medal)


sherbet of aloes
(given to Galatian de Cesel when thirsty, DK 189)

soup course

cold winds and sour marsh and sodden mutton and kail for your faring
(in the nation of Scotland, CM 409)

main course

hares with turnips, elks brains
(as given by the Tsar to St Mary's, RC)

*** or ***

rats à la mode du siège de Siena
(CM 148)

*** or ***

stavesacre and dwale
with a little fool's parsley and half a thorn apple
stewed, with toadstools
(Kate's suggestion for FCL, GoK 412)


fermented mares milk and blood cut warm from horses' veins
(Tartar specialty, RC 276)

and for afters

(QP, 167)

*** or ***

a lifetime of sheeps feet and yoghurt