You wanted to see it!


Simone has scanned the Arrowedition from ca. 1986. I was able to track down the missing cover of Game of Kings in the internet. ..
Yes, that is an exact illustration of the depressive feeling this book gives you...


I used the one from Queens' Play. Where ever that has been in Queens' Play - perhaps at one of the Channel Crossings ...
Same question with Disorderly Knights: Where und who is it?

    Compare plagiation and original:


    At least the painter had read a part of the book, and he really liked the horse, as we already know from the PIF cover...


    And that's for the "I can't stand Philippa!"-section!... - but also the man earned some comments like "Volleyball player".


Ask yourself: can it come worse? - And we thank Warner, that they could answer this question with "Yes! Definitly!".....
A wellcomposed mixture from cheesy 70ties Kitsch and swashbuckling romance clichées. ...
Here too, we can not guarantee for any relation between form and content.


    Such the New York Times illustrated her cover story about Dunnett.

    No, it does not reach the quality of the notorious German cover!

This Cover is on my GOK.

And yes, me too has a widespread collection on my Dunnett shelf,

    That's the whole Arrow-Edition...
    I have the first two.

    The covers are by Andrew Skilleter, who is also the illustrator for the Dr. Who-series. This explains the "bande dessiné-touch


    A. Knopf in USA, 1996:
    Do you think, something has got mixed up with King Hereafter here? Or does the man only go out to chop some firewood?

It gets much more problematic, if the editor is not sure about the timeline or the century the books are set.



Elegantly solved was this headaching problem by Century Trade (in the 80ties): one took a different epoque for every cover... Bravo!

You think there is a limit to WORSE AND WEIRD? Look here but please be aware, it is on your own risk!


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