The House of Niccolò
vol. 6
To Lie with Lions

Scorpio/Detail from Les Tres Riches Heures du Duc de Berry

Sagittarius/Detail from Les Tres Riches Heures du Duc de Berry
Nicholas travels with Gelis and Jodi to Scotland. An armed truce reigns between the couple, who have agreed to measure their powers against each other in the arena of business. Nicholas and his young friends Kathi and Robin undertake a risky voyage to Iceland, whose waters are so abundant in fish. Hanseatic ships and the Polish pirate Paúel Benecke are contending there for the annual harvest of dried cod, the remote island's only export.

But pirates and hostile ships are not the only danger that threatens. When the twin volcanos Katla and Hekla erupt, the success of the voyage hangs in the balance.

After the return from Iceland, the war between Gelis and Nicholas reaches a malignant conclusion. The end of their game holds surprises for both -- and for Nicholas's friends, a bitter breach of trust. Gelis has been secretly cooperating with the Vatachino, the mysterious competitors of the Banco di Niccolò. But Nicholas has been carrying out his own dark plans. In order to take revenge on his family, he has accepted the ruin of a whole country as part of the bargain.

Detail from El Madrono of H. Bosch

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